Neillsville City Government:

Neillsville City government consists of the Common Council, Mayor, other City officers and various committees, boards and commissions.  The Common Council holds regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Room of City Hall.

Common Council Members:

Mayor: Duane G. Poeschel
Ward 1:  John C. Perrine
Ward 2: Daniel M. Clough
Ward 3: Barbara A. Petkovsek
Ward 4: Jose L. Neville
Ward 5: Julie A. Counsell

City Officers:

City Clerk-Treasurer: Rex R. Roehl, (715) 743-2105
City Attorney: Bonnie E. Wachsmuth, (715) 229-2284
City Health Officer: Doris Bakker, (715) 743-4215
Chief of Police: Jim Mankowski, (715) 743-3122
Director of Public Works: Luke Friemoth, (715) 743-5678
Recreation Director: Judy S. Lindner, (715) 743-2400
Library Director: Janay Ziebell, (715) 743-2558
Cemetery Sexton/Parks Director: Regan Barth, (715) 743-7071
Fire Chief: Matt Meyer, (715) 937-0118
Airport Manager: Harold J. Gaier, (715) 743-4400