Masonic Temple Lodge

316 Hewett Street, 1928 Neillsville Masonic Temple Lodge No. 163                          #5


The Neillsville Masonic Temple Lodge No. 163, currently the Assembly of God Church, was erected in 1928 and architecturally represents the Stripped Classicism style. Designed by Eau Claire architect Edward J. Hancock the building presents a centered projecting pavilion flanked by massive piers. The parapet above the pavilion merely suggests castellation, which is the essence of Stripped Classicism. Decorative elements are hinted at but not fully expressed. Limestone stringcourses appear at the bottom and top of the main first floor and help develop a relationship between the horizontal and vertical lines of the building. Hancock designed the structures interior around main central rooms on both the basement and first floor level. For recreation, two "Brunswick Loop the Loop" bowling alleys were installed in the basement. The gutters, alleys and ball return are of wood construction. The ball return has a very large loop to channel the returning ball. This was the second type of bowling alley invented by Brunswick. Two of these identical alleys are located in the Bowling Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri.  NR

EL – The structure is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places
LR – The structure is listed on the Local Historic Register
NR – The structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places